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Bottle of drinking water


Peanut-free snack (1 for ½ day and 2 for full day)


Lunch if you are staying full day


Please wear clothing that can get dirty

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July 2-6: Paint with Pastels- Explore an art world of soft airy chalk pastels to create mystical style art and learn to use the oil pastels you probably have at home with different techniques creating painting on paper.

July 9-13: Portraits - the Interpretation of the Human Face-Explore the human face with chalks, pencil,charcoal and paint. Learn how to draw realistic eyes, noses and mouths.

July 16-20: The Wonderful World of Watercolour-Explore the world of watercolour using watercolour pencils, tube paints and pan paints. Use a variety or techniques such as sponges, brushes and bellows to create a unique interpretation of your world.

July 23-27: Drawing - Not as Boring as it Sounds-Explore the world of art and creating by experimenting with a wide variety or mediums. There will use of art pencils,charcoals, smudgers, pastels, pen and ink and more.

July 30 - Aug 3: Paint with Pastels

Aug 6-10: Closed

Aug 13-17: The Wonderful World of Watercolour

Aug 20-24: Drawing - Not as Boring as it Sounds