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Missed Classes

There are times when appointments or illness interrupt our schedule. Please call or text the studio at 902- 456-8521 concerning the absence of a student or email: If possible, 24 hours notice would be greatly appreciated.

All reasonable efforts will be made to reschedule a make up class. Make up classes will more than likely “piggy back” on other classes or take place on Fridays or Saturday mornings.  Missed classes are not to be rebated for fees and if not made up within a month they are forfeited.

“No shows”, missed classes without a call, will not be made up as the teacher will have spent time getting the supplies ready for that class and  in some some cases the supplies have to be discarded if not used.

Classes missed due to inclement weather or teacher absence will be arranged by the teacher in consultation with the parent.  If school is cancelled due to storms assume that the studio is also closed for after-school classes. If roads are clear classes will be held later in the day. Either way emails will be sent. If you are unsure please call, text or email to check.


Cancellation Policy

For those students who cancel part way  through the school year an email or written request is required and 30 days notice. All remaining post-dated cheques will be returned and students take their sketchbooks and any personal art work with them.


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